Georgina Cranston - Photographer

I’ve worked as a professional photographer since 2000 specialising in documentary and portrait photography.

My commissions have included assignments with UNICEF, Anti-Slavery International and ActionAid, as well as international media such as The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times Magazine and Reuters.

In that time, I have shown my work in more than a dozen exhibitions worldwide and it has been recognised by sixteen industry awards. In November 2010 I held a solo exhibition in London of my work from a personal project focused on women working as human mules in Congo’s goldmines. And in November 2012 a solo multimedia exhibition at London's gallery@oxo of my work from an in-depth project exploring the stories behind women's homelessness. I’ve also exhibited in New York, Geneva, Glasgow, Nairobi and Ireland.

I now live in Wiltshire, having spent three years based in East Africa working on commissions across the continent. Running parallel to my photojournalism, I have built a career in the corporate photography sector shooting portraits, events and marketing assignments for client magazines and digital media.

Throughout my career I have run photography workshops for individuals and groups (, as well as talking at seminars on the subject.

To view issues that I have documented visit: issues